Casa de Avila Arequipa
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Lots of things can be said about Arequipa. Second city on importance with a magnific cuisine and rich history. Its architecture well deserves being listed in Unesco World Heritage listing. But best of all is its people. Services like tours and activities are enriched by their character and will make your staying unforgetable. Problems with Spanish? Take some lessons with us. If you have not keep at least two days of your itinerary for the city, you will surely regret. From visiting a Picanteria and share table with locals at lunch time, to scratch a gigant bull's head, or meet Juanita the Lady of the Vulcano. Prepare your own Peruvian Recipe and participate on the discusion about Peruvian Pisco.

Historical Center


Discover this unique architectonical jewel from the Colonial time. Built with volcano rock and lots of art...

Cooking Experience


On hands activity. Cook your own Peruvian food, and take a cultural souvenir back home...

Adventure Activities


You mention it. Horses, bikes, water rafting, climbing, zipping. We have it. Safe and fun...

Local Food Tour


Visit famous "Picanterias", where women keep the secret of the Arequipenan Cuisin...

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